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LCA Comments on the EPA’s Recent Proposed SSM SIP Call

Following is a press release from LCA discussing the EPA's recent proposed SSM SIP Call

Letter Regarding Potential Rail Service Disruptions

Letter Regarding Potential Rail Service Disruptions

Following is a statement and letter from LCA President and CEO Greg Bowser regarding the looming rail service disruptions.


LCA Statement Regarding CF Industries, ExxonMobil and EnLink Carbon Capture and Storage Announcement

Louisiana’s chemical industry is at the forefront of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s announcement with Governor Edwards, CF Industries, ExxonMobil and EnLink is just the latest commitment to new investments and projects that bring Louisiana closer to achieving net zero by 2050.


LCA Statement Regarding Creation of EPA Office of Environmental Justice

Over the last 30 years, Louisiana’s chemical industry has reduced air emissions by 75 percent. If the EPA is truly concerned about the wellbeing of communities in Louisiana, it should work with us; instead, we’ve seen the opposite.


LCA Statement Regarding Bloomberg's Anti-Industry Campaign

Michael Bloomberg’s $85 million campaign against the petrochemical industry in the United States, and specifically in Louisiana, demonstrates how out of touch he and his friends are with reality. The truth is, the petrochemical industry is, and will continue to be, vital to ensure a safe and effective transition to a lower carbon, sustainable future.