The state of Louisiana has been blessed with an abundant supply of natural resources and a strategic geographic location unparalleled by any other state in the nation. Capitalizing on the favorable conditions, Louisianans have built a viable and prosperous industry based on good chemistry. The Louisiana chemical industry is the cornerstone of the state’s economy and is an essential part of Louisiana’s future.

The Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA) was formed in 1959 to promote a positive business climate for chemical manufacturing that ensures long-term economic growth for its 70 member companies that operate more than 100 sites throughout Louisiana.

LCA, Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance and related organizations work to protect and expand Louisiana’s petrochemical manufacturing base. It is critical for the industry to have a unified voice in state governmental activities because legislative and regulatory actions can affect capital investment and job retention and growth.

LCA is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of 17 member company representatives, primarily plant managers and divisional vice presidents. LCA has an experienced staff with expertise in the chemical industry, environmental, health, safety, security, governmental affairs, communications and association management.