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Louisiana Chemical Association Shares Chemical Industry Investments and Announced Projects

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Louisiana Chemical Association Shares Chemical Industry Investments and Announced Projects


BATON ROUGE – November 2, 2023- Today, Greg Bowser, the CEO and President of the Louisiana Chemical Association, shared a list of chemical industry investments and announced projects in Louisiana. The list was crafted and shared by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.

Since 2010, the chemical industry has invested $135 billion in new or expanded facilities in the United States. According to the ACC, Louisiana generates roughly about $65 billion per year from the chemical manufacturing industry and the companies themselves pay $3.49 billion in wages and $1.17 billion in state and local taxes. The companies are fully committed to investing in their local communities when announcing new projects. Without these projects and investments, Louisiana would see a major decline in jobs, wages and tax revenue.

Greg stated, “These projects and investments are crucial to keeping our state revenue flowing. Our member companies invest billions not only in concrete and steel, but also in the communities and the daily lives of our citizens. If you look at all of the wages, taxes, and overall contributions these projects have produced and will produce in the future, it is clear we need to continue encouraging our companies to call Louisiana home.”


Announced Projects and Investments

  • Advanced Refining Technologies (ART) (new HPC plant at Lake Charles, LA)
  • Air Liquide (multiple new ASUs to support various projects)
  • Air Products (multiple new ASUs to support various projects)
  • Airgas, an Air Liquide company (multiple new ASUs to support various projects)
  • BASF (new surfactants, polyurethanes, formic acid, MMA and expansions of 1,4-butanediol, MDI at Geismar, LA)
  • CF Industries (fertilizer complex expansion at Donaldsonville, LA)
  • Cornerstone Chemical (expansion at Waggaman, LA)
  • Dow (other expansions and new projects in Plaquemine, LA; St. Charles/Hahnville, LA)
  • ExxonMobil Chemical (PP expansion in the Gulf Coast)
  • FG LA LLC/FPCC (subsidiary of Formosa Plastics) (two cracker & derivatives projects at St. James, LA)
  • Formosa (ethane cracker; PDH, PP, PE, MEG, and chlor-alkali units at Point Comfort, LA; 2nd ethane cracker & derivatives at St James, LA)
  • Hexion (new formaldehyde plant and expansion at Geismar, LA)
  • Honeywell (new hydrofluoroolefins (HFO) at Geismar, LA)
  • Huntsman Corporation (adding MDI capacity at Geismar, LA)
  • IGP Methanol (methanol complex at Plaquemines Parish, LA)
  • Incitec Pivot (new ammonia plant at Waggaman, LA)
  • Indorama Ventures (re-start of purchased cracker at Lake Charles, LA)
  • INEOS/Sasol JV (HDPE plant at Lake Charles, LA)
  • Koch Methanol (worldscale methanol plant and derivatives at St James Parish, LA)
  • Linde North America (multiple gasification complexes to support petrochemical expansions)
  • Lion Chemical (EPDM expansion at Geismar, LA)
  • Lotte Chemical (monoethylene glycol plant at Lake Charles, LA)
  • Lotte Chemical/LACC (new ethane cracker at Lake Charles, LA)
  • Lucite International (new MMA plant; Geismar, LA)
  • Matheson (ASU to supply Sasol's cracker in Lake Charles, LA; )
  • Methanex (relocated two methanol plants from Chile to Geismar, LA; considering 3rd facility)
  • Nachurs Alpine Solutions (new liquid fertilizer plant at St. Gabriel, LA)
  • NOVA Chemicals (ethylene expansion at Geismar, LA)
  • Nutrien (; restart of ammonia plant at Geismar, LA)
  • Proman USA (methanol plants at Lake Charles, LA )
  • Sasol North America (new ethane cracker and derivatives at Lake Charles, LA)
  • Shell Chemical; alpha olefins/EO expansion and new EG at Geismar, LA)
  • Shintech/Shin-Etsu (multiple expansions of chlor-alkali, VCM, PVC and new ethane cracker at Plaquemine & Addis, LA)
  • Syngas Energy Holdings (new methanol plant at St James Parish, LA)
  • Westlake Chemical (new chlor-alkali and VCM/PVC expansions at Geismar, LA; ethylene expansions at Lake Charles and Sulphur, LA)

You can find the full list of all projects and investments across the United States on ACC’s website




About the Louisiana Chemical Association

The Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA) was formed in 1959 to promote a positive business climate for chemical manufacturing that ensures long-term economic growth for its 64 member companies that operate more than 100 sites throughout Louisiana.

LCA, Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance and related organizations work to protect and expand Louisiana’s petrochemical manufacturing base. It is critical for the industry to have a unified voice in state governmental activities because legislative and regulatory actions can affect capital investment and job retention and growth.

LCA is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of 17 member company representatives, primarily plant managers and divisional vice presidents. LCA has an experienced staff with expertise in the chemical industry, environmental, health, safety, security, governmental affairs, communications, and association management.




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