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Louisiana Chemical Facilities Recognized for Commitment to Safety

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Louisiana Chemical Facilities Recognized for Commitment to Safety


BATON ROUGE – November 6, 2023 - Today, Greg Bowser, President and CEO of the Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA), shared the list of SAFE (Serious About Fostering Excellence) awards recipients from the 2023 LCA and LCIA (Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance) Annual Meeting that was held October 25th in New Orleans, LA. Recipients of the award are recognized for their outstanding commitment to employee and process safety, as well as environmental stewardship.

The SAFE program, which stands for Serious About Fostering Excellence, is designed to help facilities and organizations evaluate, monitor and continuously improve both environmental performance and process and personnel safety. SAFE is an ongoing program of the Louisiana Chemical Association administered by the LCA Safety & Health Committee.

“The top priority at all times for our member companies is the safety of all employees and the communities in which we operate.  LCA member companies consistently meet and exceed environmental and operations safety benchmarks across the board to ensure these safety goals are met”, said Greg Bowser, CEO and President of LCA. “When our member companies operate safely, we’re able to serve the citizens of Louisiana and promote long-term economic growth. I’m proud to recognize the recipients of the SAFE awards for their longstanding commitment to their employees and their communities day in and day out.”

The SAFE program uses 13 criteria each year to evaluate member performances and present top achievers with either “Best in Louisiana” or “Most Improved” awards in each class. Organizations are divided into four classes based on the number of employees.

The 2023 “Best in Louisiana” SAFE Award winners are:

  1. Class 1: Calca Solutions (formerly known as Arxada), Lake Charles Plant and Tokai Carbon CB
  2. Class 2: NOVA Chemicals Olefins, Geismar
  3. Class 3: Occidental Chemical, Taft
  4. Class 4: Westlake, Sulphur

In addition, four companies were recognized as the “Most Improved” for 2023. These companies have made impressive improvements in their safety and environmental performances and are dedicated to upholding the standards and ideals of the SAFE initiative. Those organizations are:

  1. Class 1: Air Liquide, Plaquemine
  2. Class 2: Eastman Chemical, St. Gabriel
  3. Class 3: Grace
  4. Class 4: SNF Water Science, Plaquemine

Congratulations to all that were recognized! Thank you for your dedication to safety and environmental stewardship.

The SAFE program was developed in the 1990s to prioritize safety and to hold LCA member companies accountable to industry safety benchmarks. Average OSHA accident and injury statistics for all LCA member facilities now represent less than one-fifth of the levels when LCA began the SAFE program in 1995.

To learn more about the SAFE initiative and awards, please click here.  


About the Louisiana Chemical Association

The Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA) was formed in 1959 to promote a positive business climate for chemical manufacturing that ensures long-term economic growth for its 64 member companies that operate more than 100 sites throughout Louisiana.

LCA, Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance and related organizations work to protect and expand Louisiana’s petrochemical manufacturing base. It is critical for the industry to have a unified voice in state governmental activities because legislative and regulatory actions can affect capital investment and job retention and growth.

LCA is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of 17 member company representatives, primarily plant managers and divisional vice presidents. LCA has an experienced staff with expertise in the chemical industry, environmental, health, safety, security, governmental affairs, communications, and association management.



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