As committed investors in Louisiana's future, the chemical industry takes an active role on issues that shape and define our industry. LAMP representatives, in conjunction with LCA and LCIA, work diligently to ensure the political process complements and promote industry objectives that provide a safe, healthy environment and a strong, growing economy.

The Louisiana Manufacturers Political Action Committee (LAMP) is a registered state political action committee that provides contributions to those who support job growth in the state for Louisiana’s chemical industry.

LAMP is a state political action committee and does not participate in federal elections.

LAMP’s Board consists of 19 company representatives and individuals.

PAC Facts:

  • LAMP is organized under the Louisiana Campaign Finance Disclosure Act (R.S. 18:1482, et seq.).
  • A “political committee” is two or more people, other than husband and wife, and/or any corporation organized to support or oppose any candidate or political party.
  • Any individual or corporation may contribute to LAMP using a check.  Contributions are not tax deductible.
  • State law requires LAMP to report the names of its contributors, its revenues, contributions received in-kind, and expenditures.