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LCA Receives Coveted ACC Political Leadership Award


Greg Bowser, LCA Executive Vice President, with the American Chemistry Council’s Political Leadership Award trophy

The LCA has received the coveted Political Leadership Award from the American Chemistry Council.

Greg Bowser, our Executive Vice President, accepted the award at a meeting of the ACC member company CEOs. 

We are grateful to ACC and to all of you who support LCA, LCIA and LAMP in their governmental affairs outreach programs throughout the year.

It’s truly a team effort, and it’s evidenced by the results of the recent session of the Louisiana Legislature.

Though it was a “short” session – constitutionally it could last no more than 60 days – it was long on exposure for our industry.

We entered the session with the specter of new taxes from an Administration plan and had to fight off a bevy of increased taxes in a plan developed by some House members.  All this was coming when companies are planning billions in new investment and re-investment based on existing state tax laws.

We had to use good science and call on the key legislative relationships we have developed to manage the emotional issues that surrounded the sinkhole problem.  These could have morphed into punitive legislation that would have imperiled the operations of any LCA/LCIA members that are dependent directly or indirectly on salt dome usage.

And we developed and pushed to passage legislation that gives our companies additional procedural rights in legal challenges to the permitting process.

These are just a few of the issues that had to be handled, and handled well, for our industry to grow jobs.

But we can do these things well only because of your year-round interest in -- and support for -- your organizations: LCA, LCIA and LAMP.

We who work for you thank you.




The Political Leadership Award is given to ACC Mem¬ber Companies and State Chemical Industry Council Partners for their extraordinary and on-going efforts to politically support, advocate and promote issues on behalf of ACC and the entire chemistry industry.

The annual awards are based on the following criteria and on high impact responses to political opportuni¬ties.  Companies are considered for special recognition that:

• Use the full range of advocacy tools: direct advocacy, plant tours, district meetings and in-district fundraising, including hosting events, with members of Congress.

• Champion and leverage the program by helping ACC staff grow member, and even non-member, participation.

• Create added value by including employees in ACC organized forums and Meet & Greets

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