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LCA 2012 SAFE Award Winners

Four Plants Named “Best In Louisiana”

The Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA) today announced the winners of this year's “Best in Louisiana” SAFE Award. “Best in Louisiana” is an annual award given to the highest achieving chemical facility in each of four employee-size categories based on personnel safety, process safety and environmental stewardship during the prior year. This year's winners and their categories are: Rain CII Carbon LLC, Norco (100 or fewer employees); Americas Styrenics St. James Plant (101 to 200 employees); ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Polyolefins (201-400 employees); and ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Chemical Plant (over 400 employees). Fifty-eight LCA member facilities competed this year and each of these four winning plants earned the highest scores for their safety and environmental performance.

The SAFE program ( is overseen by LCA's Safety and Health Committee, a voluntary group composed of the top safety professionals in Louisiana's chemical industry.

“Since its inception, SAFE has stimulated a steady, decade-long advancement in monitoring sophistication and safety effectiveness in Louisiana's chemical plants,” said Ed Flynn, Vice President, Health, Safety & Security for LCA. “In part because of SAFE, LCA members now often achieve safety records that are among the best in the industry.”

SAFE winners are determined after a thorough evaluation of over twenty factors which play significant roles in plant safety. Each winning facility must have achieved an outstanding record over a three year period.

“This recognition signifies the importance we place on the safety of our workforce and our community," said Paul F. Stratford, Baton Rouge Chemical Plant Manager for Exxon Mobil Corporation when receiving his plant's Category Four “Best in Louisiana” SAFE award. "Through a site-wide effort, every employee and contractor focuses on personal safety and watches out for coworkers to ensure that we work safely every hour of every day. Their dedication is evident in our excellent safety record this year."

“We are honored to receive this distinguished award from the Louisiana Chemical Association,” said Angela H. Zeringue, Site Manager at ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Polyolefins, winner of the Category Three “Best in Louisiana” award. “We are committed to protecting and promoting the safety and health of our employees and all those involved with our operations. Our commitment to safety and environmental excellence is evident across our entire organization, and we are all proud to be recognized with this award.”

"Our team members take deep pride in our commitment to personal safety and environmental excellence,” said Stephen L. Koontz, Site Leader at Americas Styrenics St. James plant, winner of the Category Two “Best in Louisiana” award. “Our employees and contractors are honored to have earned this award and we appreciate the recognition bestowed on us by the LCA and our peers."

“Rain CII Carbon LLC is proud that our petroleum coke calcining plant in Norco, Louisiana, earned the Louisiana Chemical Association's Best in Louisiana award for Class One Facilities based on our safety and environmental performance”, said Larry Minton, Director of Environmental, Safety and Health. “Rain CII is committed to protecting our employees and the environment. The culture of safety embraced by our employees is evidenced by the fact that all of our four Louisiana facilities were 2012 LCA finalists for best in class or most improved.”

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