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LAMP launches business campaign against more business taxation

The Louisiana Manufacturers Political Action Committee (LAMP) has purchased more than 3,000 radio spots over the next two weeks, urging Louisiana voters to contact the governor and their legislators and ask them to vote “no” on more business taxes.

“The state has increased business taxes recently to the point that new capital investments and the creation of new jobs will suffer,” said Greg Bowser, LAMP’s administrator and Executive Vice President of the Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA) and the Louisiana Chemical Industry Alliance (LCIA). Bowser also directs governmental affairs activities for both LCA and LCIA.

“Billions of dollars in announced but not yet started projects are at risk because these new taxes were not anticipated,” he said.

The LCA and LCIA consist of over 100 chemical manufacturing sites and nearly 800 affiliated companies that supply the plants with contracting and maintenance, machinery and equipment, electrical power and other vital products and services. Many of these companies and their employees are also counted among the 250 members of LAMP.

The spots are quoted below. Also, attached is a recent news report in which the seriousness of this issue was discussed by Dan Borné, who is President of LCA and LCIA.

Spot 1

Paid for by the Louisiana Manufacturers PAC, Greg Bowser, Administrator. Closed for business. Is that the reputation Louisiana wants? Billions of new taxes have been put on employers, and more are being considered. These taxes on business will dry up investment and kill Louisiana jobs. We need to grow the economy, not shrink it. Create jobs, not kill them. Send a strong message to the governor and the legislature: "No more business taxes. Enough is enough!" 

Spot 2

Paid for by the Louisiana Manufacturers PAC, Greg Bowser, Administrator. New state taxes on business have put at risk billions of dollars in petrochemical investment. Thousands of good jobs may not come to the state. Louisiana's business climate has changed for the worse, and anti-business rhetoric has been heard like shot around the world: Louisiana is now closed for business! It's time to tell the governor and the legislature:  "Enough is enough!  No more business taxes!"

Spot 3

Paid for by the Louisiana Manufacturers PAC, Greg Bowser, Administrator. Please contact your state legislators and ask them to vote against House Bill 27 by Representative Broadwater. This bill will give government the ability to double tax raw materials. Raw materials are excluded from taxation in most states, and have been excluded in Louisiana for over 40 years. This double taxation will devastate local manufacturers, florists, hunting goods, candy and jewelry makers and many other businesses. Tell them to vote no on House Bill 27!

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