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Baton Rouge Families First Launches Video Against Together Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, La—Businessman Eddie Rispone announced the launch of a new pro-families group called “Baton Rouge Families First.”

Baton Rouge Families First was launched with the goal of empowering lower and middle-income families in Baton Rouge by encouraging education reform, promoting quality jobs through proactive economic development, and supporting initiatives that strengthen the family structure. With an escalating crime rate, failing schools, and a need for quality jobs, BRFF is dedicated to promoting policies to make Baton Rouge a great place to live and raise a family.

“One of the biggest problems facing Baton Rouge, and our country, is the breakdown of the family,” Rispone said. “For Baton Rouge to succeed, the family must succeed. It’s time we focus on policies that reinforce and empower the family unit.”

In addition to promoting policies geared to empower families, BRFF will actively take to task groups that they believe are weakening or undermining families. The first one of these groups is Together Baton Rouge. You can find video exposing Together Baton Rouge here:

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