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2016 Election Guide

As we near the 2016 Election season, there are many issues on the ballot. Besides the Presidental, U.S. Congressional and locally elected officals, there are also six constitutional amendments that will be on the ballot statewide. 

The six proposed amendments are: 

1.  Establishes new requirements for local registrars of voters

2.  Tuition and fee autonomy to college management boards

3. - Eliminates federal income tax deduction for corporations on state tax returns and sets a flat rate

4.  Property tax exemption for surviving spouses of persons killed in the line of duty

5.  Creates a Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund

6. Adjusts threshold for tapping protected funds


For more information on each of the proposed amendments, the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR) has put out a guide detailing the changes entailed with each amendment and an reason to vote for and against each amendment. The PAR Guide is linked below.

2016 PAR Guide to Constitutional Amendments 

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