Chemical Connections

Industry's Comments to Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator, on Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Potential Impacts of Federal Greenhouse Gas Legislation on Louisiana's Industry,

presented by Dr. David E. Dismukes, LSU Center for Energy Studies, LSU

EPA Report: 

EPA Report addressing the allegations of "Industrial Sources of Dioxin Poisoning in Mossville, Louisiana”

Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Chemical manufacturing is one of the bedrocks of the American economy. How much so? If one looks at all of American manufacturing as a big pie, one would readily see that the business of chemistry is a major, if not dominant slice of that pie. 

Air Quality Around Louisiana Schools is Okay!

Louisiana Department of Environmental has issued a statement responding to a series of articles published by the USA Today dealing with air emissions around schools.

Community celebrates a significant air quality achievement DEQ Press Release

DEQ and EPA Region VI held a ceremony on January 13, 2009 to recognize the Baton Rouge area's attainment of the old (one hour and eight hour) standard.

Fighting the Cancer Alley Myth

How do you change a belief? That's the challenging question that members of the Lake Area Industry Alliance (LAIA) presented to Healthy Image, a marketing firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Living in a Green World

In today’s world of marketing sophistication, “green” products have found a prominent place. There are “green” houses, automobiles, diapers and cleaning products. In our increasing environmentally aware society, “green” sells. The question arises, though: What does “green” really mean? And where do vinyl and other chlorinated products fit in a “green” world?