Did you know that chemicals used in these everyday products are made right here in Louisiana? Below is a small sampling of Louisiana-made products that you use daily.

Air ProductsSurfactantsLiquid Soap
Americas Styrenics StyreneTires, Plastic cups, Containers, CD cases, Automotive parts, Condiment containers
AxiallCaustic Soda, Poly Vinyl Chloride, Phenol, AcetoneFrisbees, Reynolds Wrap, Napkins, Paper towels, Newspapers, Garden hose, Paint, Windows, Doors
BASFElectrolytes Batteries
BioLab , Inc.TCCAThe Works Toilet Tablets
CertainTeed Corporation PolyVinyl Chloride Polymer Vinyl siding, PVC pipe,
Chemtura Trichloro IsoCyanuric AcidSwimming pool chlorine
Chevron OronitePolystyrene, Styrene monomerPlastic containers
CITGO Crude oil, Sulfur, Petroleum, Benzene, Toluene, Propylene, Mixed XyleneHershey Bar, Gasoline, Jet fuel, Fertilizer, Plastics and Polyester
Cornerstone Melamine, Acrylonitrile, Sulfuric AcidLegos, White iPads, Plywood, Fertilizer, Formica countertops
DeltechVinyl Toluene, Para-Methylstyrene, Di-vinylbenzene, Tertiary-ButylstyreneInks, Toners, Paints, Plastics, Pharmaceutical packaging, Water purification systems
DuPont Burnside Plant Sulfuric AcidGasoline, Detergents, Shampoo, Detergents, Paint, Paper, Plastics, Rubber
Dynamic Fuels LLCRenewable diesel, Renewable naphtha, Renewable LPGDiesel, Jet fuel, Gasoline, Propane
ExxonMobilPolyethlene, Polypropylene, Specialty PPBubble Yum, Milk jugs, Fuel tanks, Bed liners, Diapers, Medicals gowns, Bumpers
FormosaPolyvinyl Chloride, Vinyl Chloride Monomer, Anhydrous Hydrogen ChlorideWater pipe, Blood bags, House siding, Flooring, Wall paper, Meat wrap, Book bindings
GraceFluid Cracking Catalyst, Hydroprocessing CatalystDiesel fuels, Gasoline
Honeywell Hydrogen Fluoride, Pentafluoroethane, Pentafluoropropane, Aclon resin Insulation for roofing, Fluorocarbon refrigerants,
LonzaPropellant hydrazineSatellite booster fuel, Small pox medicine, Fueled the Mars Rover
Louisiana Pigment Titanium Dioxide PigmentPaint, Plastics, Cosmetics
MethanexMethanolPlastics, Paints, Building materials
Mexichem Fluor Inc. Klea 134aGUNK-Puncture Seal, Automobile air conditioning, Refrigeration, Medical Inhalers
Momentive Epichlorohydrin and Epoxy ResinsFeedstock, Electronics, Coatings
Mosaic Fertilizer CompanyAmmonia/Sulfuric AcidFertilizer (DAP)
NalcoAcrylic PolymersWater treatment chemicals, Corrosion inhibitors
Olin Chlor Alkali Chlorine, Caustic SodaHose Nozzles, Crop protection chemicals, Bleach, PVC pipes, Pool chemicals, Food processing
Oxbow Calcining LLCCalcined Petroleum CokeAluminum foil, Aluminum cans, Car parts, Pigments for paint
OxyChem-GeismarPoly Vinyl ChlorideChip Clip
OxyChem-TaftChlorineClorox Bleach Pens
Phillips 66Waxes, Solvents, PigmentsChap Stick
Rubicon, LLCIsocyanate/PolyolFoam Football
Sasol North America Synthetic Alcohol, Alumina, Iso Paraffin, Linear Alkylbenzene, Ethoxylate Shampoo, Body wash, Paint, Hand sanitizer, Printing ink, Wasp spray, Detergents
Shell ChemicalHigh-density PolyethylenePlastic cups
Southern Ionics Aluminum Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Aluminum SulfateFCC Catalyst, Milk of Magnesia, Paper
SyngentaHalex GT, Lumaz EZ and Aatrex 4LCrop protection chemicals
The DOW Chemical Co. PolyurethaneGREAT Stuff
Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA, Inc.Styrene Monomer and PolystyreneDisposable plates, Cups and Utensils, Refrigerator liners, Foam board insulation
Westlake ChemicalsPolyethylenePlastic Bags
Williams Olefins Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene, BenzenePlastic milk bottles, Grocery bags, Trash bags, Antifreeze, Car tires