Trade Shows

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Mark your calendars! The date for the reverse trade show, in Baton Rouge, will be May 24, 2018. The Lake Charles traditional trade show will be held on June 28, 2018. Please check back soon for more details and registration information. Both of these events are exclusive to LCA and LCIA current members! If you are not an LCIA member, you may prepare an application online.


The reverse trade show is an opportunity for the LCA member companies to bring in their purchasing teams in the following areas:

  • Pipe, Valve & Fitting
  • Maintenance, Turnaround & Construction
  • Mechanical
  • Instrumentation & Electrical
  • Process Containment and Safety Supplies

Each LCA member company will be provided with a space for its procurement representatives.  Vendors, suppliers, contractors, and other service providers will circulate from company to company to provide information about their products/services to the appropriate procurement representatives.  In return, the procurement representatives will provide information about how to do business with your company, pre-qualification requirements, etc.

We will provide LCA procurement representatives with a helpful overview of how to conduct the interviews, what signage might be helpful, and what you should bring – business cards, contact information, etc.  We will provide LCIA vendor/suppliers with instructions on the limited material they can bring – 1 sheet description of product/service with business card attached – and clear limits on the amount of time they may expect to spend with each procurement rep.  Volunteer facilitators will be assisting at the event to help keep people moving through it.


The Lake Charles trade show is an opportunity for the LCIA members to showcase their business to the LCA and LCIA members alike. This event, with approximately 125 vendor booths, is always well attended by area plant representatives and many of the LCIA members from around the state. What a great opportunity to network with your industry colleagues!

Don't miss these two outstanding events! Members will receive an email when registration opens for each event. Not a member? Submit your application today!