Noteworthy Achievements

Photo of Beaker with Green Liquid
  • Passed legislation to reduce members’ tax burdens by hundreds of millions of dollars annually by repealing the sales tax on natural gas and electricity, the sales tax on machinery and equipment and a major portion of the corporation franchise tax
  • Passed legislation to repeal punitive damages in Louisiana
  • Passed legislation to prohibit the municipal incorporation of industrial areas
  • Passed legislation to fast track DEQ permitting without shortchanging environmental considerations
  • Passed legislation to recognize chemical manufacturing as a priority user in the event of a natural gas emergency
  • Defeated bills to implement initiative and referendum
  • Defeated the oil and natural gas processing tax
  • Defeated legislation to give the Attorney General contingency fee (bounty hunter) authority
  • Defeated creation of special taxing districts that include industrial areas
  • Commented on dozens of state environmental regulatory proposals, many of which were the result of LCA workgroups and DEQ collaborating to solve common problems
  • Amended and helped pass key environmental bills in the recent legislative session
  • Advanced and had adopted regulations that allow control measures to be considered in determining potential emissions and rules to allow electronic filing of water discharge monitoring reports and electronic payment of fees
  • Developed and had approved rules concerning secondary containment and 90 day tank turnovers that provide more reasonable and less costly alternatives than previously allowed
  • Passed legislation to allow use of federal MACT standards to satisfy compliance with the Louisiana Air Toxics Law
  • Reduced impact of Coastal Zone regulations on industrial areas
  • Continues to lead advocacy efforts at EPA and in the courts to protect industries in the Greater Baton Rouge area from the implementation of Ozone penalty fees
  • Passed legislation defining chemical manufactures as “critical infrastructure” for the purposes of security and emergency preparedness and passed legislation that makes it a felony to trespass onto a chemical manufacturing facility
  • Established high-value relationships with federal, state and local homeland security agencies
  • Established the SAFE (Serious About Fostering Excellence) program to recognize and share information about outstanding PSM and HS&E performance at member plants
  • Implemented enhance outreach to OSHA, State Fire Marshal, State Police and DHH authorities
  • Engineered the establishment of Process Technology programs across the state and passed legislation setting up the PTEC Advisory Council